A private plane creates a new sense of freedom. Time saving, flexibility and independence are some of the privileges that come with a private aircraft. These advantages require professional management. Whether a private or business jet - as an aircraft owner you want your investment to pay off.

LaudaMotion Executive offers, as an independent air carrier with the Austrian authorisation license (AOC / Air Operator Certificate since 2004), years of experience and professional services in the field of aircraft management. We ensure that your jet meets all the required permits, insurance and maintenance.

As experienced experts in the field of general aviation, we check all particulars of the operation of your aircraft and meet the highest quality and safety standards - naturally with a transparent cost management. We understand the requirements and the provisions related to airline operation down to the last detail.

LaudaMotion Executive ensures years of experience and professionalism will result in efficient business jet use: We are your reliable partner for successful aircraft management.

Our services in Aircraft Management:

  • All-in Management Service
  • CAMO
  • Flight Dispatch
  • Charter Sales
  • Flight Operations
  • Ground Operations
  • Crew Control
  • Crew Training
  • Finance